Beautiful Darkness is more than a title – Review/Analysis

The following is a review/analysis. If plot details or analytical conjecture would ruin the experience for you, please read the album first. Enjoy!


Beautiful Darkness Panel

Aurora the Sprite


A dead child is only the beginning of cruelty in Fabien Vehlmann & Kerascoet’s Beautiful Darkness. This eurpoean graphic album, available stateside from Drawn and Quaterly, juxtaposes the life of a child with the death of child in a manner that breaks the heart and chills the spine.  Continue reading

How to Read a Comic Book: The Carnival of Unknowing

Imagine you are thrust into a carnival. There are clowns and carnies, barkers and bakers, animals and amusements. You look around. You have no idea what is going on and it’s fantastic. It is the feeling of newness, of not knowing, that drives you onward. Your senses are reborn. Suddenly throwing a dart at a deflated balloon to win a KISS poster isn’t depressing, it’s an adventure. The mystery, the wonder, creates the experience. When you go home you don’t even hang up the cardboard frame, but you’ll remember the carnival.

So it is with comic books. Continue reading