A. Conan Doyle’s Famous Detective Sherrinford Hope – Alternate Totalities

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Sherrinford Hope

At the turn of the last century a character emerged, as if summoned by the collective unconscious of the world, a detective, clear-eyed and clinical with an indefatigable drive to catch his prey. Premiering in the novel A Tangled Skein, written by young doctor Arthur Conan Doyle, this legendary figure went by the unlikely moniker of Sherrinford Hope. In his adventures, narrated primarily by his constant companion, Dr. Ormond Sacker, Hope conquered the mysterious machinations of the London underworld through the use of uncompromising logic. Hope became the archetypal twentieth century man, rising above the darkness of superstition in a manner both heroic and stern. Science led him out of the age when men could menace each other and into a newer brighter future. Of course his adventures didn’t stop there. Countless adaptations in every media have been made of his exploits. Who could forget these cases. Continue reading